Saturday, May 22, 2010

chocolate dresses.

this week i've realized how much I love being settled in one place. i've also realized that I am ready to take flight. let's move the train on. i'm ready to, as Bob dylan put it best "the answer is blowin' in the wind" it's time.

as the weather get's warmer, and my bike and tom's become my only means of transportation, i feel like never stopping.
the answer is blowing in the wind, and I am ready to find it.

just a few short weeks until we take our school bus to Bonnaroo, not sure where we are headed after that, but we will be going! we'll be going to a few festivals, pond parties, and lot's of cracker barrels i'm sure. I am just ready to go, arise and shine little light!

on another note i stayed up really late last night perfecting a flourless, sweetened with raw honey, vegan chocolate cake! i am pleased so far. i also finished a dress that i started! made from an old bed sheet! i was also pleased with it.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

anniversaries, celebrations and weddings.

the past 2 weeks consisted of:
my 1 year anniversary! coordinating a wedding, pre-celebrating my Oma's 90th birthday [looks like she's in her 60's] and my sister-in-law's 34th [looks like she's 21] birthdays, cinco de mayo, and preparing for my baby brothers wedding which will take place this saturday in Nashville.

oh, and the flood.

[robert and I looking at guns. to kill the many cats who eat up our garden. maybe we are mean? not sure]

[our wedding cake! we got to eat it, frozen and all!]

[such an inspiration. my parents who have been married almost 30 years! took us out for anniversary breakfast at Marche]


[I made robert Crepes on our anniversary because we had to flee the hotel due to the flood]

[opryland hotel]

[We all just found out that Shannon loves fried ice cream. we could hardly resist to get it for her, although her birthday is in 2 weeks]

[pre-celebration of my oma's 90th birthday!]

[a glimpse of Christina's wedding!]

[Cinco de Mayo]

[baked goods for the flood victims I made]

[my best friend, the night before she left for Ireland. so jealous]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

this week is all about food.

this week all we've done is cook and eat, and eat some more!

wednesday night Robert and I had a cook out to celebrate, 1-our new grill! and 2-our anniversary! tomorrow will be 1 year married to the sweetest man ever! the best man, mu hubby! the cook out was great! complete with pom martinis, homemade black bean burgers, and old time jams!

then on thursday night, I teamed up with a friend, Cary Stringer to provide a fabulous dinner party! salmon wrapped up with goats cheese and spinach, sweet potatoes, a strawberry spinach salad, and lots of wine!

[sweet potatoes! with a fig vinegar and toasted macadamia nuts]



[blackberries, macadamia nuts, and candied pecans]

[more sweet potatoes]


[the spread]

[more of the spread]

[more salmon]

[homemade spicy tuna sushi!]

this week was great, i may have to go on another detox just to feel good again! it was all delicious and I am grateful for friends who enjoy gathering and eating, it's such a passion of mine!

today we start our celebration of our anniversary! lot's of brunches, fancy dinners and staying at fancy hotels! very excited!