Sunday, January 31, 2010

orange you lovely!

this week we got snowed in! it was really nice because I was at my parents house and I absolutely love being here! It's so cozy and warm.
sipping coffee and using my mother's huge kitchen makes me feel at home.
this week I made some almond meal/gluten free/sugar free pancakes!



my husband actually invented these and we've been continually critiquing them, and I am so ecstatic to have these down to an art!

then I made Carrot muffins!

my dear friends, Julie + Josh Holmes had the incredibly animated baby girl:
Ivy Holmes! so darn cute!
I got to hold her all morning last week, i felt so special.

my sweet sister came over this week and she bought me the incredible mug!
so cute and typical for me! I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness!
lovely for my random coffee cup collection!



my sweet wizard baby in the snow!

my sweet Julia Kevon made me this pillow for my christmas gift! Although its a tad late, I am thrilled to have such a tallented friend and I am so proud of this pillow! [now i just hope my grubby husband doesn't cover it with oil or some other manly stuff]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

glorious saturdays.

[gluten, dairy and sugar free blueberry muffins and brownies]


i love saturdays.
they are full of sunshine, bike rides, baking, flowers, and my sweet husband.
this weekend we attempted to cut a van that we just bought in half and put it on top of our bus.
although the cutting the van in half did happen, placing it on top of our school bus did not.
we will have to wait until we can proceed with that task.

gluten and dairy free chocolate brownies.

this flour bag is from Robert's hometown Mcpherson, KS!

a couple better pictures of my paper globe that I made.

[all the pictures from this post are compliments of our dear photographer friend]
[mary nell powell]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

his first cupcake.

i have to post these few adorable pictures that were from sweet Julian's 1st birthday.
here he is eating his first cupcake.
i am honored to say that it was my almost-perfected vegan chocolate cupcake!
isn't he so stinkin cute!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

breakfast dates.

some of my favorite mornings start off with a few key things:

mcpherson, ks coffee coffee
organic mexico coffee, and some french presses.
planning a coffee date for my lovely ladies:
Julia Kevon, Sarah Rhodes and Marynell Powell!
Agave and Raw honey!
[complete with cute anthropologie/thrift store mugs]

almond meal [gluten and sugar free] pancakes and homemade jam!
[all made by my hubby]


also, i went through a decorating "funk"
and instead of being really bright, i copied an idea from my mothers house!
she has a single branch hanging over the piano, and I needed to jazz up my kitchen, so i hung a branch from a nearby tree in my house! haha bringing life inside my winter house.
[hoping it will still bloom flowers in spring....a girl can dream....]

also this week was a very big week for us!
we bought this sweet beat up van for cheap! we are cutting it down the middle and putting it on top of our school bus, to loft it and make it our bedroom!
the whole "raising of the roof" is happening today.
pictures will be posted shortly!

coffee dates with my husband :)

i spent my friday crafting new valentines decorations!
i've been meaning to "re-teach" myself how to make a paper-globe, and i did it!
it's so pretty.

i also cut out a ton of cute hearts from valentines paper and hung them all over the house!

[even added some love to my tree!]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

chocolate coma.

i went into a coma last morning.
the first bite of sugar in almost a month.
the one bite about gave me a stomach ache, the kind that are no fun.
it was so worth it!

i decided to continue with my quest to achieve a fabulous vegan cupcake-
that is simply delicious.
and i think i've mastered it!
so delicious!

they are not the most professional looking- but really i am focusing on what's on the inside!
no eggs, or dairy! oh man!

i have a party of 2 people who will be my taste testers in this activity, and the rest will be given to a sweet 1 year old baby boy who's birthday is today!
[cannot have any dairy]
i am so excited!

happy birthday Julian Harms!

such a doll!
[wish i could say i took this picture- but i did not]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i have recently been so inspired by the little things in my life.
falling asleep next to a hunk of a man every day.
the cold wet nose that wakes me up as soon as the sun rises, advocating me to take him out on a walk.
walking into my apple-pie ordered kitchen every day.
the bouquet of flowers on my table, that i refuse to get rid of.
they are just too delightful.
and the seemingly long hour of silence i have with my husband in the morning. no phones or distractions, just my tea and toast.
and the never-ending cranks that are turning in my head about my new adventure!

I am in the process of writing a cookbook!
encouraging people that it's not very hard to cook and eat healthy.
often people find it intimidating. I'm here to tell you it's not.
(..the rest to follow in my book)

so im collecting ideas, waking up in the middle of the night with cascades of flavors flowing through my brain.
i have been keeping my book by my bed to scribble down whatever odd ideas i am awaken with.

in my spare time i've been making some cake stands for my displays
they are turning out so great!

also, i am perfecting my gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free carrot cupcakes and frosting today! hopefully pictures to follow!

more bites tomorrow!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


so the varieties of endless gluten-free,sugar-free, and dairy-free foods have just flooded my brain.
(and my kitchen)

i don't know how to stop cooking all these marvelous things!
(especially because they are all so healthy and delicious!)

so first this week we made:
gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free chocolate cupcakes with a vegan, sugar-free icing!

[i am loving my fabulous mixer!]

then a few nights later i had a massive craving for pizza!
but no wheat + no cheese = no pizza?


gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free pizza crust!

on my wonderful pizza stone!

then add some tomato basil garlic sauce

then sprinkle with some homemade vegan cheese and goat's cheese!

[this picture doesn't do it justice!]


fresh salad with honey crisp apples, goats cheese and almonds and a yummy home made lemon dressing!

all this makes for a very happy husband!