Thursday, January 21, 2010

breakfast dates.

some of my favorite mornings start off with a few key things:

mcpherson, ks coffee coffee
organic mexico coffee, and some french presses.
planning a coffee date for my lovely ladies:
Julia Kevon, Sarah Rhodes and Marynell Powell!
Agave and Raw honey!
[complete with cute anthropologie/thrift store mugs]

almond meal [gluten and sugar free] pancakes and homemade jam!
[all made by my hubby]


also, i went through a decorating "funk"
and instead of being really bright, i copied an idea from my mothers house!
she has a single branch hanging over the piano, and I needed to jazz up my kitchen, so i hung a branch from a nearby tree in my house! haha bringing life inside my winter house.
[hoping it will still bloom flowers in spring....a girl can dream....]

also this week was a very big week for us!
we bought this sweet beat up van for cheap! we are cutting it down the middle and putting it on top of our school bus, to loft it and make it our bedroom!
the whole "raising of the roof" is happening today.
pictures will be posted shortly!

coffee dates with my husband :)

i spent my friday crafting new valentines decorations!
i've been meaning to "re-teach" myself how to make a paper-globe, and i did it!
it's so pretty.

i also cut out a ton of cute hearts from valentines paper and hung them all over the house!

[even added some love to my tree!]

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