Monday, December 13, 2010


last week I had the incredible honor of making my sister and her new hubby's wedding cake!
I secretly wanted to make this cake for them for months, but seeing as he is from England, I wasn't sure how their reception was going to go.

First, let me tell you a little bit about this couple.
Carah: a creative, beautiful, ambitious girl who likes to be sneaky.
James: a charming, loving, and gentle guy with perfect british accent.

How they met: James was here last summer and working at a neighborhood pool as a lifeguard. (which happened to be my sister-in-laws family pool). Carah, not having a pool, decided to sneak into this pool (thus, the sneaky part!) and she started "getting to know" the lifeguard.

Then he had to go back to England, this created a blissful "Skype" relationship between the two lovelies. A couple of short trips to each other later and he was finally here by the next summer!

James decided to pop that favorable question in July, while Robert and I were out traveling. We got the infamous "skype" call and we were elated! Especially when we heard we were all going to Cancun, Mexico for the wedding in October!

They ended up doing a legal ceremony at the courthouse and then we all galavanted off to Mexico for a week in an all inclusive resort! It was so fabulous!

so after we talked about the cake, I made a little "cake tasting" cake. It was adorable!

making the cake!
still working on it!

finally finished!

finally fall.

nashville took way to long to get cold this fall. I love the fall, it's when I am most creative and my soul is flourishing with new ideas! I am most at ease when I can barely come out of my craft room due to too much inspiration!

recently my passion: baby cakes! and soup!

and baby owl ornaments (made from felt)

love my sweet friend linsey! We were on the new's, they were covering a darling tea room located in Germantown, Savannah Tea Room.

german friends in nashville.
being a bridesmaid in a wedding.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ketchup of october and november.

so a couple of things that happened in the past few months....(playing catch up!)

Robert and I got tickets to go our first predators game! It was so fun!

our dog wizard got hit by a car in Franklin and he had a slow, but successful recovery.

Robert and I got to attend a fabulous wedding at the Governor's Club in Brentwood.
Celebrating Lauren and Collin Heston.

my sister was married at the Williamson county clerk's office! (celebration to follow in mexico!)

I got 1 of a few flowers that will be here tattooed for my birthday!
(done by my sweet friend Tiffany!)

I made beer cheese chives scones for Oktober fest.

we started making pies!

and gluten free french toast!

more pies!

and my mom and I went and saw Bob Dylan in nashville, front row! amazing!