Wednesday, April 28, 2010

busy bee.

this past week 1/2 since I got home from traveling a bit have been crazy. cupcake orders, bachrelorette parties, avocado extravaganze, preparation for the farmer's market, working on the bus, writing more recipes for the book, gardening, being with my family! here are just some pictures of how fun it all is!

[red velvet with cream cheese frosting!]

[hello cupcake!]

[just a little taste]

[on a pedestal]

[love avocados!]

[some blossoming jasmine lily tea]

[I am so ready to hit the East Nashville farmer's market!]

[bus dreams]

[sweet puppy/hubby love]

[tornado picnic in the living room]

[more avocado's]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

the bus + raw food

we are so excited to see the bus start coming together! it's looking wonderful! we ordered a toilet and got it 2 days later, just bought some tanks today for the plumbing/water, etc. we are so excited! we even started framing the bus out this week!

we had to move the bus out into the country, but we are so thankful for our friends Jonathan and Jennifer at the Green Wagon!

also, this week we were able to get our garden completely finished. Robert finished our flat beds, we got tomatoes, peppers, jalepenos, cilantro, mint, basil, strawberries! we even fashioned some beautiful window's to make a greenhouse!

we have 1 baby strawberry!!!

also, this week i'm on a raw foods detox, so the baking has been to a minimum. except robert was craving come cake, so he decided to make a cake [WHILE I CAN'T EAT IT!] he is a great husband, i promise!

Monday, April 19, 2010

my mothers house

This weekend I got to spend a morning at my mother's house in Franklin, Tn. Her house is so charming. About 100 years old, complete with an 1900's style elevator. But her garden is one thing I love most about her house. Her yard is beaming with exotic flowers, lemon's, fresh veggies, and so many herbs! I was thrilled to spend some quality time with her.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a girls weekend.

I got the opportunity to "girls road trip" it to Atlanta and Chattanooga to go shopping! This lovely ritual has become annual, we love our girls getaway weekends! martinis, food that almost makes us sick it's so rich, swollen feet, hotel sheets, more drinks, wine tasting, exploring city nooks. oh what a blast!

[water fall from our hotel]

[wine tasting in the art district, bread that i should NOT eat, with an oil and cheese dipping sauce [even worse!], and lovely cakes from the Ikea food center!

[after a day of shopping]

[green life grocery in Chattanooga, similar to whole foods, lot's of yummy local foods!]

[IKEA! 5 hours LATER!]

[top deck pool and hotel view!]

[rachel roy. neiman marcus]

floating on the river.

this past week we had a sweet Swedish lady around, we decided to float down the cumberland river in a beautiful canoe. this fellow bob dylan lover got to see all of downtown nashville! floating the river. oh what a wonderful day it was.

we worked up a huge appetite to make homemade pizza's!

then I tested out some fruit sweetened chocolate, oatmeal cookies. they turned out a little bit too crumbly, but nothing the peanut butter couldn't fix on my next batch.

also, here are some vegan nachos i made! turned out delicious!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

update: the bus + wizard.

the past few weeks the bus has changed alot! we've been very successful!
we've acquired a stove, kitchen and bathroom sink, a fridge, toilet [brand new, in the mail!], hardwood floors, insulation, and much more! we are starting to ponder up what color to paint the bus! oh the excitement makes me so happy!

every day there is new progress, it's so exciting! we are happy to show some pictures off!

[new fridge!]

[new gas stove!]

[some of these, the more awesome pictures were taken by: Mary Nell! what a great photographer!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new orleans

this weekend robert and I went down to New Orleans for a mini-vaca/wedding; we enjoyed our get-away so much!

This weekend in New Orleans was the French Quarter Festival, it was so crazy down there, but so fun!

[even went to the beach for a day!]

[french quarter]

[LOVED all the houses! felt like we were in San Juan again!]

[the square]

[Cafe Du Monde]

[just a glimpse of the wedding]

[baby ruby sleeping!]

Over all this trip was great! We are headed back out this weekend to travel a bit more and we are so excited!