Thursday, April 22, 2010

the bus + raw food

we are so excited to see the bus start coming together! it's looking wonderful! we ordered a toilet and got it 2 days later, just bought some tanks today for the plumbing/water, etc. we are so excited! we even started framing the bus out this week!

we had to move the bus out into the country, but we are so thankful for our friends Jonathan and Jennifer at the Green Wagon!

also, this week we were able to get our garden completely finished. Robert finished our flat beds, we got tomatoes, peppers, jalepenos, cilantro, mint, basil, strawberries! we even fashioned some beautiful window's to make a greenhouse!

we have 1 baby strawberry!!!

also, this week i'm on a raw foods detox, so the baking has been to a minimum. except robert was craving come cake, so he decided to make a cake [WHILE I CAN'T EAT IT!] he is a great husband, i promise!

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