Friday, April 2, 2010

strawberries + no bakes

[strawberry cake, made yesterday! fresh strawberries, perfect for the weather here!]

this week the sun has begun to shine a constant radiance through my windows. it's only encouraged me to bake more and more.

recently i've been on a major no-bake cookie kick! the oats + chocolate + peanut butter combination hit the spot when i'm craving something sweet!

I've been replacing my original recipe with gluten free oats rather then regular ones, and honey rather then sugar.
I also replaced the peanut butter with almond butter, and I'm making sure i'm using 73% or higher chocolate for a dairy free treat, and almond milk to give it an extra nutty taste.

[no bake dough]

[no bake's stirring]

[using 73% dark cocoa, dairy free!]

on another note, i absolutely love these people! they were a vital part of me becoming a woman. this wonderful woman Christie and her husband Stephen sang at our wedding and they have been such a blessing to know. These three munchkins Jaydinn, Rayna and Finn, make Robert and I actually want to have kids. I love these people and every time Robert and I go to Kansas we make sure to spend a good chunk of time with them. I cannot wait to see them again soon!

on another side note, Robert and I have been making these fun recycled wood words. He's been cutting them out and I've been either staining or painting them. We've been using them as baby shower/wedding gifts. really fun and 100% recycled. Really fun. ok wait, the paint isn't, so 90% recycled!

That's all, more bites later! I have chocolate oatmeal ball's in the oven right now!

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