Saturday, April 17, 2010

a girls weekend.

I got the opportunity to "girls road trip" it to Atlanta and Chattanooga to go shopping! This lovely ritual has become annual, we love our girls getaway weekends! martinis, food that almost makes us sick it's so rich, swollen feet, hotel sheets, more drinks, wine tasting, exploring city nooks. oh what a blast!

[water fall from our hotel]

[wine tasting in the art district, bread that i should NOT eat, with an oil and cheese dipping sauce [even worse!], and lovely cakes from the Ikea food center!

[after a day of shopping]

[green life grocery in Chattanooga, similar to whole foods, lot's of yummy local foods!]

[IKEA! 5 hours LATER!]

[top deck pool and hotel view!]

[rachel roy. neiman marcus]

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