Sunday, December 12, 2010

ketchup of october and november.

so a couple of things that happened in the past few months....(playing catch up!)

Robert and I got tickets to go our first predators game! It was so fun!

our dog wizard got hit by a car in Franklin and he had a slow, but successful recovery.

Robert and I got to attend a fabulous wedding at the Governor's Club in Brentwood.
Celebrating Lauren and Collin Heston.

my sister was married at the Williamson county clerk's office! (celebration to follow in mexico!)

I got 1 of a few flowers that will be here tattooed for my birthday!
(done by my sweet friend Tiffany!)

I made beer cheese chives scones for Oktober fest.

we started making pies!

and gluten free french toast!

more pies!

and my mom and I went and saw Bob Dylan in nashville, front row! amazing!

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