Thursday, January 14, 2010

let's be free.

gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free banana bread
(what fun is that? what is left to put into it?)

exactly why I am writing a cookbook- to reassure people that you can actually enjoy healthy eating, and that reducing things that your body cannot digest, or doesn't agree with can still be wonderful. There are so many fabulous combinations and innovations that can provide a healthy lifestyle that is simple, affordable and enjoyable.


I've become so busy with life, i've neglected my blog.
I am in the process of writing my much awaited cookbook. So excited, but it's taking up all of my time.
I am writing down every little idea and food pairing that I find and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about flavors and spices and new ideas. Oh it's like the sugar-free plum fairy has come to my dreams.

So after gushing about how fabulous my Christmas was, and all the fattening foods we ate, Robert and I decided to cut out all wheat, most sugars and all dairy.
Robert is Blood Type: O
and I am Blood Type: A
thus, Robert should not eat any wheat, or dairy or much sugar
and I should not eat much meat, any dairy or much sugar.

We have had so much fun inventing new healthy gluten-free pancakes, sugar-free cupcakes with vegan frosting. Oh man it's been a hayday- there are so many gluten free foods at regular grocery stores, and it's not very expensive to buy novelty foods at whole foods/trader joe's. We are really loving how wonderful we feel.

So this new "health-phase" and hopefully long-term habit, along with my prior passions to cook have inspired me to write my own cookbook. Not sure if it will be just a cookbook or a crafty book as well. All in the works, I would like to get around 300 recipes to put into it. And bake them all. or 365, one for every day of the year. I am at about 100, so 1/3 of the way there. Oh Lord grant me grace to cook every day!


robert and I inventing our (now kind of famous) banana bread (shown above!)

Jenny Awesome Deloach! We are happy she is back in Costa Rica, but sad to have to wait until May to see her again!


my mother the day after christmas! we went to do a few returns, and everything was so cheap.
including this hat:

that looked so great on her!

in the end, she did not get it. :(


enjoying our new Scrabble game with our lovely New Zealand friends!
(we won!) but no hard feelings right?


sometimes Robert & I get the wonderful pleasure of watching one of our favorite babies, Thaddeus! He never wines and he is just so content. We absolutely love and fight over him when he spends the day with us!

Today we took him to the craft store and home depot (to keep things balanced!) and we had a blast with him.

watching Robert with Thaddeus encourages me, and reminds me of how great he is, and how great of a father he will be.

he will probably get mad at me, once he gets old enough....

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