Tuesday, December 29, 2009

peppermint bliss.

this Christmas was just fabulous!
as the kids are getting older, we've decided to make a few new traditions. it's been really fun.
the weekend started off with robert and I walking to our favorite little bakery in east nashville, Sweet 16!

fresh kosher cinnamon rolls and drew's brew's coffee!
this year we decided that on christmas eve we were going to walk down to the first franklin united methodist church.
walking 4 blocks...in the freezing cold.

normally shannon, my sister-in-love makes the dessert for Christmas eve, but this year I had the pleasure of making a "light christmas eve dessert" as our christmas eve meal is massive and there is never room for the dessert.

I make beignets! (french doughnuts!) i used the Cafe Du Monde's Recipe!
with some hot coffee, such a hit!

then of course my dad read the story and we opened our new christmas pajamas, and a book!
after indulging ourselves in the most fattening and sugary foods we all got into the hot tub then nestled into our new pajamas and cuddled into our beds.

despite my adult-hood, i still woke up at 6:30am ready to celebrate christmas.
my husband didn't agree and wanted to sleep in.
so i got up, made coffee and waited until 9 to wake up the rest of the siblings.

christmas morning!


after enjoying hot Costa Rican coffee from my sweet friend Jenny Deloach.
we opened our stockings!
filled with our "every year" underwear, hand picked godiva chocolates, socks, and much more!

then we enjoyed some of my mother's famous crepes!
complete with her fresh lemons, from her meyers-lemon tree inside our house!

i made homemade honey-butter.
top a crepe with honey-butter, lemon and raw sugar. oh my goodness!

then we opened gifts!


the next day we decided to keep the tradition's coming, we went to Pfunky Griddle!
You can go and get unlimited pancake batter and make the pancakes yourself!
blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips! they let your taste buds indulge!

robert + josh made a huge chocolate chip pancake!

oh and fabulous bottomless coffee!

my husband wasn't ready for the huge, Ellis feast and ended up passing out with our dog.

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