Thursday, December 17, 2009

warm delights

i love the reverence of the morning.
the silence.
the birds outside my window.
when my feet first come out of the covers and touch the ground, and are frozen.
no filters of daily situations have crowded my vision.
i am so happy.

some of my best-loved days start off with 2 admired ladies.
once (or twice, if lucky) a week, we get together and just indulge and dream.
every time we gather there is some marvelous homemade treat, pancakes, scones, muffins, or some left over dessert from the night before.
this week it was Sarah's homemade rice flour apple pie!

then we always have coffee, and sometimes breakfast.
but the most fulfilling part of this ritual is the intimacy and love that is exchanged.
the dreams we have for our lives, traveling the world with our spouses and dogs.
what life changing things we are experiencing every day.

i usually get in my car to head home, i can be brought to tears by any little thing because i realize how blessed i am to have these women in my life.
i find myself being thankful.

Julia- strong, and independent, but soft spirited and sensitive to her surroundings.
motivated and determined, yet hopeful for things unsolved.
her heart reaches out to others in so countless courses of action.
she is a nomad deep down. but has settled, but soon she will rise and become a wanderer.

Sarah- sweet hearted and in a strategic way, inspires me.
the peace that surrounds her is surpassing to me.

as part of every year christmas tradition, my family admires the very thoroughly covered trees and bushed.
we went and were instantly put into the christmas spirit.
chocolate. lights. love. family.

christmas lights!

surprise my hubby + dad with their favorite banana pudding- even made little tart pans!

we went and took "backdrop" pictures at the Opryland Hotel with our dear friends, the Rhodes.

Saturday my parents offered to take robert + i to our favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner place in nashville! Marche!

a fabulous weekend! now to get ready for christmas!

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