Thursday, October 15, 2009

two regal & commanding ladies:

Jenny Deloach:

this woman needs to be celebrated today.
she is one of my favorite people, an exceptional lady.
she is so elegant. so exquisite. so delicious.
Jenny Deloach has made such a wonderful impact in my life.
she has gone over and above what defines "generous friend"
i delight in all her charisma and enthusiasm.

jenny secured me in so much of my juvenile insecurities.
she savors life.
jenny has gone far above reproach.
she has so much life and adventure waiting for her.
i cannot wait for her to meet the best man, who makes her feel like a woman.
she will never settle.
she is never satisfied with "mediocre"
on my 21st birthday last month jenny called me from costa rica just to tell me she loved me.
jenny i love you!
thank you for being so sensational.

Linda Welsh:

the wind never stops blowing through her hair.
when she embraces you, she cultivates a feeling of "home"
no anguish in her presence

her feet never touch the ground, only her toes for a brisk gasp
she is an inspiration to all women.

when she smiles, she not only lights up a room, but she breaths life into the atmosphere.
there is a constant battle of bliss and composed peace in her companionship.
i am unceasingly encourages and fearless in her company.
no fantasy or concept is too big!

i take delight in her very vitality.
like a little sprout from the ground, she is always alive and amplified!
she is radiant when it seems that everything is a cold lull.

remarkable and sensational this woman is.
she creates an environment of genius imagination!
she is a woman who loves to invest in lives.
full of vigor, and sparkle. she will never be overcome by circumstances.

she's like a vintage wine, masterminded with age.
sharp. crisp. inspiring. fabulous. beautiful.

Linda, i love you.
thank you for being so remarkable.

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