Sunday, October 11, 2009

Off to Germany we go!

or over the Jefferson St. bridge to Germantown!

full of beer, roasted nuts,  kettle corn and other german delicacies clusters of frozen folk tromp around Germantown to indulge themselves; in honor of Germany's Annual "Ocktoberfest."

Men and Women dancing around like drunken fools, soulful music blasting, the smell of sausages and lines 3 blocks long just for a plastic cup of beer! oh the Germans!

my family met up with us and we even peeked into the Savannah Tea Room where I cook! It was a lovely day for some earthy Darjeeling Tea and I made some Lemon Tea for my sugar crazed niece and Robert because he is still sick :( 

the moped ran a bit slow at first yesterday because of the cold weather but it finally warmed up and Robert even took our 9 year old niece on a ride, she has a great uncle! 

Dignan, one of our favorite bands came in town yesterday for the Next Big Nashville Music Showcase. ( We love them. They are actually how Robert and I met, he was on tour with them. (

Robert and I got up early and made them a yummy, healthy home cooked meal! They are dear to us.

Some old milk jugs that I found, all originally from Nashville! I use them for everything now! flowers, milk, tea, juice! so neat and old!
Drew's Brews (of Nashville, TN) Coffee in French Press, Blueberry Tea, Raw sugar, Pancakes (made by my glorious pancake master husband!) Turkey Bacon, Orange juice, milk and blackberry syrup, local honey, peanut butter, and maple syrup for the pancakes!

Thats it for today. more bites tomorrow! 

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