Friday, October 9, 2009


robert, being from the midwest is highly resourceful and very "thrifty"

at first, i wasn't a big fan, i felt like we were being chintzy or stingy, but then i realized its an important part (especially in this "growing" economy...?)

its been a fun adventure: making dates more "careful", making gifts for each other and people, learning how to make surprising cakes (now a hobby), recycling, and gardening!

all these "DIY" things add up to a good time! our going out for a 1/2 empty belly 25$ meal, turned into, spending 10$ at the craft or grocery store and making something!

not to say i don't love to go eat. oh man i love to eat! i will blog about that later. 

eating is my talent!

a few things i've made: 

a sweet apron i made!

this was suppose to be for a boy. but i could not  help it. first week of summer!

our wedding album, still in the process of making 
this was for my beautiful friend Julia and Jesse's wedding!

thats today. more bites tomorrow.

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