Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a bittersweet symphony.


I love this little booth at the flea market, we got a lot of our wedding decor from him!

This weekend created some of the best and horrible memories for robert and I.
we really enjoyed our nice stay in franklin at my parents house. down town franklin in the fall is the most beautiful! all the old ladies are out walking their dogs, even the neighbors who dont like us wave and say hi. All the pumpkins and fall decor are out. And this week all the scary ghost and creepy goblins are out for halloween!

on friday robert and I started an all liquids juicing detox, it has been so great, except robert has already quit. and going to the flea market on friday with my sister, mom and oma, surrounded by french fries and yummy carny food wasn't helpful! but we had a blast!

vintage clothing booth
my sassy Oma!
photo cred: Carah Ellis
Dream Destination
photo cred: Carah Ellis
Photo Cred: Carah Ellis

so on friday evening robert and I had a spontaneous moment to load up the dog and head to franklin and enjoy the fall festivities with my sweet family!

i was a kid again
photo cred: Carah Ellis
a wonderful home cooked meal: plastic, better then fast food!
photo cred: Carah Ellis
saturday we woke up and went to the farmer's market downtown franklin.
oh the jams!


then in the afternoon we went to the Gentry's Pumpkin Patch/Farm! It was just the best!
We grew up going to this pumpkin patch, pickin pumpkins, getting lost in the corn maze! The weather was flawless! We had so much fun!


this calf was born on friday night, it was less then 24 hours old! An amazing view, a momma loving on her baby, just a fresh splash of inspiration! Very refreshing

Johnny- his mate, June was being difficult and wouldn't smile
photo cred: Carah Ellis


robert enjoying the hay (or lack of hay) ride!

our first house! its small but quaint! haha!

mom and robert left Carah and I in the corn maze and we got lost....

my favorite shoes and the sign of fall!

mom and I in the corn maze.

thinking about this for our christmas picture! one from kansas + one from tennessee!


my heart aches at what happened next.
saturday night we headed home to unload our stuff and head off to a house warming party.
little did we know that people would ruin our sense of security.
men who do nothing but create bitterness and agony.
this was the worst feeling robert and I have felt ever.
Our dog was with us or we feel that it would not have happened, but we are glad they weren't able to hurt our dog.

we are perpetually reminded of how blessed we are by our friends and family, as they have surrounded us with love and concern.

we can't help but be completely angry and hurt at the same time, more so angry.
we are battling anger and a need for justice, this thing rising up in us to fight back and take what they have stolen from us, our safe haven of our home.
our first home together. ruined by morbid memories.
we know we will walk out of this with strength and a feeling of accomplishment, but it's difficult to not be angry and everything.

they took our only things we value besides each other of course. all our instruments.
what a horrible feeling, I hope no one ever has to feel this anguish, but I know as the world get's worse, this will to.

I pray for the men who took stuff from our abode, and I forgive them, but I know the Lord will have justice, when the time is right.

until then, we are saddened but looking at all the wonderful things that are.

we are safe. and we are grateful.

band of the day:

John Mark Mcmillian

"how he loves"
helped me through this crisis.

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