Sunday, January 31, 2010

orange you lovely!

this week we got snowed in! it was really nice because I was at my parents house and I absolutely love being here! It's so cozy and warm.
sipping coffee and using my mother's huge kitchen makes me feel at home.
this week I made some almond meal/gluten free/sugar free pancakes!



my husband actually invented these and we've been continually critiquing them, and I am so ecstatic to have these down to an art!

then I made Carrot muffins!

my dear friends, Julie + Josh Holmes had the incredibly animated baby girl:
Ivy Holmes! so darn cute!
I got to hold her all morning last week, i felt so special.

my sweet sister came over this week and she bought me the incredible mug!
so cute and typical for me! I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness!
lovely for my random coffee cup collection!



my sweet wizard baby in the snow!

my sweet Julia Kevon made me this pillow for my christmas gift! Although its a tad late, I am thrilled to have such a tallented friend and I am so proud of this pillow! [now i just hope my grubby husband doesn't cover it with oil or some other manly stuff]

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  1. looks like such a wonderful weekend!!!! the carrot muffins look delish! i made some banana muffins this weekend and we can't stop eating them! xo