Monday, February 1, 2010

new name.

so tomorrow is my anniversary of being married for 9 months!

i will be writing a very sweet post tomorrow about that!

as for today, there are a few things that I'm so inspired to do right now!

I found these adorable little wooden birds, and I must teach myself to make them [or make robert figure it out, haha]

also i made this apron a few months back and I am 1/2 way done with 8 more of them. for various gifts and I just need to finish them. they are just too cute to let the adorable fabric go to waste!

and my garden! I am so excited about my raised bed's this year! this way we can take it with us anywhere!

thinking veggies around the 1st tier and my herbs on the 2nd tier!
hoping i can get robert to make me a few of these next week!

also, seeing as i've decided to cut out most sugars, and all refined sugars, I thought my blog should no longer be called "raw sugar" so whilst i think of some other clever name, I remain "sweet nectar."

until further notice!


  1. When it comes to renaming...I always head to the core meaning of words and discover new words that mean close to the same, which usually results in the arrival of a completely new place!

  2. rachel, thanks for the input! yes i've used the thesaurus and i love it! thank you for the idea!