Monday, February 1, 2010

9 months.

[little festival in Kansas, sweet, young love]

i am dedicating this post to my sweet husband, Robert Pritchard. Today, we have been married 9 months! And although that's not quite a year, I don't want to wait to share some sweet pictures of us together! I realized this week that if we had gotten pregnant on our honeymoon, I would be having a baby right now! ahh, so happy I am not! I love being married to an awesome man, and experiencing so much life with him every day! I cannot wait for my 1 year anniversary!

I love you Robert Lawson Pritchard! I am sad we aren't together on this day, but I love everything about you and I cannot wait to see you in a few days!

[robert and i taking a nap under the bus at cornerstone this year.]

[robert get's accepted into the family by my brothers and dad]

[robert and i at our rehearsal dinner- glowing]

[my father marrying us]

[some of our favorite dates consist of this: fresh flowers, tea and new bob dylan records]

[our wedding day!]

[our wedding day!]

[our wedding day!]

[robert + i]

[flowers from my love on our 9 month dating anniversary. he was gone on tour]

[the day that we got engaged! my ring!]

[this is the place we met. robert took me here on my birthday. a cute/kinda gross little open-all-night cafe downtown]

[robert gave me this bike our first week we spent together and he won my heart, a sweet vintage cruiser]


[our first summer together consisted of us playing together at music festivals]

[one of our first dates: he took me to a castle]

[first weekend, meet teaching him on the piano! mad skills]

I love my husband so much and I am thrilled to be able to call him my one and only love.
I love his generosity and his compassion.
i love how sweet and gentle his eyes are.
his love for manly outdoor things makes my heart flutter.
i love how driven and motivated he is.
i love how passionate he is.
i love his heart.
i love him.

i love you robert pritchard.


  1. soooo sweet. i absolutely love this post. happy 9 months to a beautiful couple!

  2. your wedding looks like it was a blast!!! love the peacock feathers and the twinkle lights! you two are just a cute couple. happy 9 months!

  3. hey! i love your blog and post! such sweet pictures...the wedding pictures are amazing. what do you guys do with that bus? it's incredible!

  4. the bus: we are converting it to a mobile home/huge kitchen to feed people/get away car!