Friday, February 5, 2010

making january fun.

[after a long day of gluten/dairy/sugar free crackers, no dairy caesar dressing, fish, and I don't remember everything else we cooked! my mother's awesome kitchen, I love baking here]

my husband has been gone for about 2 weeks and I have had no inspiration to bake/cook. I just hate cooking a ton of food and then having no one to eat it except me! Occasionally I can auction some of my food off to my family, but they live too far away to enjoy it daily!

But my love came home yesterday and we just had a very lazy day. Our thursday consisted of laying around, naps, reading Fox's book of martyrs, new pomegranate soy candles, playing with wizard, almond butter snacks and making pizza!

Robert said he was craving pizza, so I got up, made dairy-free almond/cashew milk cheese, and gluten/sugar/dairy free pizza dough. I had some homemade tomato sauce I made a while ago that I pulled out and we had a great dinner! Complete with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and soy mozzarella! So good!

[gluten free, sugar free, dairy free pizza dough]

[pizza dough on my awesome Pampered Chef Pizza Stone- makes pizza/cookies taste the best]

[homemade tomato sauce]

[dairy-free cheese! finished pizza!]

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am with my husband because he is still on his travel schedule: go to sleep at 9pm, wake up at 6am! no fun. But I was quick to forgive him when I smelled almond meal pancakes smothered with agave nectar! Oh man was that the best thing he could do to wake me up!

Freshly ground Mcpherson, Kansas coffee, french pressed and gluten-free almond meal pancakes topped with almond butter. Oh my gosh, my husband is so wonderful to me. What did I do to deserve a man that loves me and loves to be in the kitchen just as much as me! He is so glorious!

[woke up to my husband making me gluten/sugar/dairy free pancakes]

[he is happy to be home]

A couple of days ago I went to the apple store and spotted this lovely lady:

[sighting: Melinda Doolitle, The Apple Store, Greenhills Mall, Nashville, TN]

[Okay, well none of my family/friends knew who she was, she was 2nd runner up on American Idol a few years back, she went to Belmont and lives in Nashville]

to last week I got to spend 5 days with my awesome family! It was so great, I went to work with my siblings, which happens to double as the family business! It was great! Driving around, lot's of smoky car shops, and some friendly shopping to set up my sister's new office!

[all 3 of the 4 Ellis siblings in the same car, alone. first time this happened in a long time]

[a shopping day with my sister..not the shopping I was planning on supplies]

[franklin drives]

[my brother working]

[my sister being great at work]

[my so-handsome dad]

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