Saturday, February 6, 2010

dreaming of this.

today the weather in nashville is miserable. pure blizzard. i hate it.

so my husband is taking me to go buy a spring dress! I am happy. We are making homemade apple cidar and vegan chili tonight for the super bowl party tomorrow, we are excited to make chili, to keep warm!

today i am wishing i was in Greece again, traveling aimlessly in Europe, with no agenda, a small backpack and an even smaller bank account. New adventures waking me up early in the morning, packing all of my belongings in a short 3 minute. Eating food off the streets from vendors, fresh hot crepes with nutella and so many marvelous things.

I am ready to be warm. to be free in my many sun dresses. I never was good at dressing in fall cloths...drab.

for your sweet blue ocean eyes

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