Monday, February 15, 2010


this week has been crazy. Robert left town on thursday and although the extreme weather conditions he was able to set flight to north carolina. I am so proud of him. Although I was sad to see him slowly disappear after having to remove most of his clothing to pass through security, I am happy he is off on the road. We are getting so excited about this next season in our life. Almost 1 year married, no major things have come up, and we are more in love then ever.

We thought about Valentines this past week we decided to wait and have a date when he returns in a few weeks. So I drove to my families house and spent the lovey dovey holiday with my sister [whose manfriend lives in England and was unable to fly over for the un-celebrated in English holiday].

We did everything that most couples would do on valentines. Dinner and a movie, red wine, hot tub, hotel breakfast. Oh it was so romantic and I wouldn't have chosen any one else to spend it with but her. I am so happy I was her valentines. [she even got me flowers!]

[I woke up to flowers from my Dad :) ]

[beautiful flowers that I went and got for my sister Carah to wake up to- from her love James]

[we got these flowers for my sister in law Shannon from her husband Josh]

[day before valentines desserts at Whole Foods!]

[Chocolate fondue on Valentines day. Thank you Shannon]

[Every year my sister in law throws a Valentines Day party! We all drive out to their house and eat alot of food, play valentines pictionary and exchange gifts! it's a blast and a great way to spend valentines. in the presence of 10 people who love me the most :)]

[leaving robert at the airport]

[the day before robert left he made some fabulous almond meal gluten-free. sweetened with bananas and agave pancakes!]

[the night Robert left we made chicken sausage/shrimp [vegan sausage for me] spicy jambalaya, gluten free cornbread and edemame]

this is a small excerpt of a letter I received from my husband on valentines day. although he will hate me for sharing this, I just couldn't bear to hold in how sweet and charming he is. I love him.

"I am sorry I can not be with you today, but I hope that you can realize that, for me, every day is valentines day, when I'm with you.
I don't need a cheesy man made holiday in order to fall more in love with my wife.
Being away really does make me grow fonder to the one I love, the one who completes me, my better half ;)

We will have to do a date night once I return.
Picnics on our bed, those are the times that I remember most.
Bike rides with no cares."

[finally, when I stay at my parents house, this is my sweet chamber of sleep. I love it, so cozy]

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  1. This is wonderful! So glad to be able to keep up with you. I love all your baking endeavors. They inspire me. . . now about this gf cornbread. I need to make some of that!