Wednesday, January 20, 2010

chocolate coma.

i went into a coma last morning.
the first bite of sugar in almost a month.
the one bite about gave me a stomach ache, the kind that are no fun.
it was so worth it!

i decided to continue with my quest to achieve a fabulous vegan cupcake-
that is simply delicious.
and i think i've mastered it!
so delicious!

they are not the most professional looking- but really i am focusing on what's on the inside!
no eggs, or dairy! oh man!

i have a party of 2 people who will be my taste testers in this activity, and the rest will be given to a sweet 1 year old baby boy who's birthday is today!
[cannot have any dairy]
i am so excited!

happy birthday Julian Harms!

such a doll!
[wish i could say i took this picture- but i did not]

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