Sunday, January 24, 2010

glorious saturdays.

[gluten, dairy and sugar free blueberry muffins and brownies]


i love saturdays.
they are full of sunshine, bike rides, baking, flowers, and my sweet husband.
this weekend we attempted to cut a van that we just bought in half and put it on top of our bus.
although the cutting the van in half did happen, placing it on top of our school bus did not.
we will have to wait until we can proceed with that task.

gluten and dairy free chocolate brownies.

this flour bag is from Robert's hometown Mcpherson, KS!

a couple better pictures of my paper globe that I made.

[all the pictures from this post are compliments of our dear photographer friend]
[mary nell powell]

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  1. OH! Wonderful! could you share the muffin recipe? I can't eat any dairy or gluten and would just adore to mix up my typical brown rice, banana, soymilk mush with some blue dotted deliciousness!