Thursday, May 13, 2010

anniversaries, celebrations and weddings.

the past 2 weeks consisted of:
my 1 year anniversary! coordinating a wedding, pre-celebrating my Oma's 90th birthday [looks like she's in her 60's] and my sister-in-law's 34th [looks like she's 21] birthdays, cinco de mayo, and preparing for my baby brothers wedding which will take place this saturday in Nashville.

oh, and the flood.

[robert and I looking at guns. to kill the many cats who eat up our garden. maybe we are mean? not sure]

[our wedding cake! we got to eat it, frozen and all!]

[such an inspiration. my parents who have been married almost 30 years! took us out for anniversary breakfast at Marche]


[I made robert Crepes on our anniversary because we had to flee the hotel due to the flood]

[opryland hotel]

[We all just found out that Shannon loves fried ice cream. we could hardly resist to get it for her, although her birthday is in 2 weeks]

[pre-celebration of my oma's 90th birthday!]

[a glimpse of Christina's wedding!]

[Cinco de Mayo]

[baked goods for the flood victims I made]

[my best friend, the night before she left for Ireland. so jealous]

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