Tuesday, September 1, 2009

nomads and inspiration

here we go. this blog is basically spawn out of multiple people saying to us, " you guys should blog about your life!" i never thought it was that interesting, but i might as well. even if its only for me to look back and see how excited i got about the little things in my life.

robert and i have been married now 4 months tomorrow. although he has been gone on "business trips" for about 6 weeks of our 4 months, its going great, and if this 1 year is suppose to be the hardest, we are in for some great times next year! we are loving our little east nashville house, small but its good for us now. we have a big back yard and after being married for 3 months we got a dog! 96 pounds of beast (or love). robert takes so much pride in our yard, spending at least 5 hours a week mowing, weeding, cutting, trimming, hedging, watering and anything else you can do in a medium-sized city yard. 

we thought we would stop being nomads seeing as marriage normally does that...but oh no. we've gone on 6 trips since may. little weekend trips or all the way to canada, either way its traveling for us and seeing new things. (probably one of the keys to a very exciting marraige)

roberts off in north carolina and virginia doing cell phone tower maintenance, and im in germantown in an old house baking sweets, eggy quiche, moist gooey cakes, and hot winter soups at a tea room. its the most invigorating thing, waking up in the morning and making yummy food. although i've had to make my workout more intense, its a good feeling.

still studying nutrition and holistic health, will this course ever end. 

i am proud of a rememdy i made the other day for my sweet dog who has some skin allergies! a few simple ingredients and no itch. that was a good feeling.

that's today. more tomorrow.

Oh you five and ten cent women With nothin' in your heads I got a real gal I'm lovin' And Lord I'll love her till I'm dead Go away from my door and my window too Right now

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