Thursday, September 17, 2009

projects for the fall

the smell of fall is here. or its getting here. so good. we've started making butternut squash soup and vanilla pumpkin spice chai tea. its so good!

robert is back out on the road- he came home for the weekend and we went camping out on the lake! it was a blast. now he is back out for 2 weeks. we've been dreaming about our school bus, making the veggie system really efficient and making the inside completely self sustained. we are excited! a good winter project.

our new dog has lost 4 pounds because we've been exercising him and making his own doggie cookies! they are so yummy.

im perfecting my vegan cake recipe! i am so excited!

we've been making our own cleaning supplies, odor removers, stain removers, endust, etc. its making me feel great..and keeping our wallets full..

yummy bites for today!
more to come

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