Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the detox.

so the past 10-12 days I have been on a detox. This detox is pretty intense, but at least I do eat food. It requires me to eat 2 small portions of certain fruits, specific veggies and protein a day, coffee, tea and mineral water. It's not to bad because I can use as many spices, as much lemon/lime juice and apple cidar vinegar as I like! I've had a hard time being at parties and whole foods (right? too many samples that I can't indulge in!) So, since I have been a vegetarian, it's been a bit more difficult for me, then others, as I've begin to eat fish, so my only protein, twice a day is fish! Most eat chicken or steak as well. I've had fun experimenting with this challenge! And I feel absolutely wonderful! Take a look at some wonderful things I've made!

[strawberry/stevia popsicles!]

[dill tilapia with spiced tomatoes and sparkling water]

[cucumber "chips" and homemade tomato salsa and shrimp]

[breaded (with crumbled breadsticks) mahi-mahi and spicy panned cabbage]

[dessert! cinnamon/stevia baked apples!]

[spicy raw tomatoes and shrimp]

[homemade Strawberry vinaigrette]

[spicy mahi-mahi fish tacos]

[tilapia/tomato basil pan-stew]

[blackened flounder with 4 italian breadsticks, you get 4 a day, thats it!]

[quick "apple" pickles with shrimp and lemon]

i feel so healthy!


  1. it all looks so goooood.
    i want shrimpppp.

  2. Oh man, that sounds difficult! Keep up the good work!