Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the littlebig midwest

I did a poor job of documenting our summer travels on the bus, partly because I didn't take my camera, and partly due to laziness. What pictures I did take are here now. The last few days of our trip we stopped in Condordia, Kansas. It was so wonderful to see some of our favorite people, the Millers! We were also able to see our friend Sorrel!They have an adorable house fully stocked with world-wide goodies. Robert and I were honored to park our bus in their back yard!

Rayna, Jaydinn and I all cooked dinner together one night.

love the walls, Christie is amazing!

We are really in the Midwest. There are bulk containers of mayo, and chili beans, at a normal grocery store!

[we did not buy these items!]

we went from Concordia to Lawrence, KS. I love Lawrence, it's beautiful and quaint and cultured. It's like a small town and Santa Cruz, CA all in one. I did a good deal of shopping here, antique and thrift stores and their amazing fabric store!

[some yummy cookies I made last night]

this weekend we went to the nashville art crawl and Robert had a cougar all up in his grill. This lady wanted Robert, I let his ego puff up at little bit. I was chuckling a bit!

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