Friday, February 18, 2011

last hoorah in San Francisco.

the last few days in California were breathtaking. the weather was perfect. I am sitting sipping my cappuccino, wishing I was there right now, although the weather here in Nashville is absolutely gorgeous.

1. adorable little french bakery in Santa Cruz
2. amazing cappuccino's too
3. our old RV that broke down in Santa Cruz, we left it for a lady when she gave us a newer one to use. We went and visited her, so sweet :)
4. great little Cafe with the most superb brunch ever!
5. Jesse at Cafe Brasil
6. Brunch at Cafe Brasil
7. Jesse and I on the beach (before a short hike)
8. Little place next door to where we stayed in San Francisco, called Sugar Cafe
9. We were surprised by how inexpensive it was for being in Union Square, but so good. $3 gin+tonics!

Oh this trip was the best. My mom and I are perfect for trips, we eat and drink the same, and pretty much shop the same. We love sharing a bed and watching the food network in hotels and talking about food. We are perfect for each other :)

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