Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sweets and such

since being back from my ventures out west i've been so inspired. in the kitchen, in my craft room and even in my dress closet. I've been scheming up new ideas for cute little frocks and crushing almonds into flour to make macaroons. I've been inspired by the ever lusting powers of parisian macaroons! Friend and owner of the Almond Tree has turned me on to these beauties!

While in San Francisco I visited a well known macaroon place, Paulette!

amazing little macaroons from Paulette, San Francisco.

my, not so pretty macaroons.

turned out alright, they tasted so great!

cute little frock for Marmalade designs.

also, i made this little bohemian vegan chocolate cake. with vegan coffee buttercream :)

that's it for today, more bites tomorrow.

i'm getting some oral surgery this week, ill be posting some more while im bed ridden for days.

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