Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 1/2 week vacation: pt. 2

so now I am back from my long vacation and I can finally write about all my wonderful adventures.

week 2 (or day 10) of vacation: Denver, CO.

Robert's aunt and uncle, Laura and Addisu and their daughter Addie live in Denver, they have an adorable house, it was such a retreat for us. Cuddled up by a fire, drinking wine, watching american pickers or talking about Ethiopia.

We also attended a moped rally, for blackblack in Denver, and went to an Andrew W.K. show...that was a bust.

eating Ethiopian and drinking some whiskey. This night is started snowing!

Laura's adorable kitchen.

Adam Mercado came to Denver with us.

A walk in the snow to the local Italian grocery: Spinelli's and the bookstore.

front yard snow: Denver.

Ethiopian goodness.

happy hour: Denver.

Robert's uncle, Addisu is from Ethiopia and he cooks us dinner whenever we come. Oh, it's so delicious! Ingera, and lentils and even Ethiopian music!

Robert and his aunt Laura.

Cooking, of course.

Our trip was amazing, we went up into the mountains as well, I'll be sure to post those next. Then on to San Francisco!

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