Thursday, January 27, 2011

vacation pt 3:san francisco part 1.

after being in the freezing cold states of colorado and kansas, I was happy to be flying to San Francisco: warm, sunny, and full of delicious food.
I hit almost every pastry shop, bakery and macaroon niche.

We ate endless meals while in San Francisco. We realized, 1/2 way through the trip that we hadn't actually eaten a whole meal at one location.
A glass of wine here, a bruschetta there, a salad here, and a desert plate there. It was so wonderful!

first stop after getting of the bart in sunny California: our "not-in-the-city" french boutique hotel.

This place felt like it should have been in the countryside of france, but alas, it was right in union square, San Francisco.

[amazing little nooks in the room]

[sweet fireplace in the room]

[breakfast nooks as well as the wine&cheese reception place]

[breakfast: sun-dried tomato quiche, oatmeal, apple crisp, good local coffee!]

[french boutique bathroom]


[walked and walked and walked... through chinatown]

[little italy]

[little italy]

over all the 1/3 of the trip was amazing.
can't wait to post the rest of the pictures!

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