Wednesday, March 10, 2010

alice in wonderland.

I got the great privilege of going to a "before-showing" of Alice in Wonderland in 3D! It was so fabulous! Mrs. Rhodes took this picture of us 4.

Then this past weekend, when the movie came out Savannah Tea Room, where I often go to cook or just drink tea with some of my favorite ladies, they dressed up and there were colorful treats!

[lots of food! little fondant "Eat Me" raspberry cakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, chicken salad in tomatoes, oh the list goes on!]

[mad hatter, the white witch, the queen of hearts and alice!] great costumes eh?!

[in true character]

[the queen of hearts]

[sister's united]

[crazy mad hatter!]

[the peaceful white witch!]

it was a blast ladies! I enjoyed getting to take some fun pictures and munch on some magical treats!

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