Thursday, March 11, 2010

dinner parties.

i think i will just gush about all the fabulous dinner parties i've been a part of this week.
on tuesday we invited 4 people over to indulge in some fish tacos, little did we know that word would get to 3 times that many people. somehow over the span for 5 hours I was able to feed 17 or 18, or i lost count how many people, with enough food for 6. ha. so wonderful! spicy fish and homemade salsa, avacados, corn tortillas hot off the press! it was fabulous!

so last night my friend Matthew King invited me and some people over to cook us up a fabulous meal! It was so great! complete with wine, beer, salad, hummus, fresh veggies, a what looked like a fabulous bacon/potato dish, some mushroom/bruschetta! It was great! [check out his great "Eat Me Nashville" website by clicking on his name!]

this week has been full of great food, and even greater friends! and tonight, to a fondue birthday party!

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