Monday, March 1, 2010

lovely pears and bears.

this weekend has been superb!
friday I received this adorable invitation to some of our dear friends Tim + Christens wedding in May, and I love the bears. these little hand made goodies are just too cute.

speaking of bears, this adorable man Bert is just huge and wonderful. he and wizard could be so in love..if they weren't both boy dogs...

friday I spent my day making this lovliest of lovelies "Pear Tart" it turned out so great!
no gluten, no refined sugar [only alternative, natural, un-refined!] no dairy and no eggs! and full of protein and pears!


[turned out better then I thought it would!]

then late Friday night my lovely husband came home! at 1am, within 9 hours he was up making me and my lady friends sugar free pancakes with sauted pears and espresso! oh what a charmer I have! making all the women jealous!

scones i made, they didnt turn out quite right, but I will have to perfect them eventually.

and this was my day today: writing a paper that is worth 25% of my final grade about optimum health, in food, organics, vitamins, nutrients, activity..all things for optimum health! good thing some Espresso was here to help :)

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  1. those save the dates are adorable! and the pear tart is gorgeous. your hubby is such a sweetie, what a perfect guy!!