Monday, March 29, 2010

a weekend too busy to blog.

oh my this past week[end] was so action-packed.
the warm weather is settling in and my summer-skin is starting to breathe! I am thrilled beyond belief!
Thursday my sweet niece Maiah came over to my house for dog walks, baking 101, exploring my favorite bakery and enjoying being family!

[Maiah and her blue cake!]

[Maiah's wonderful decorating skills! she is a natural]

[she even got to meet my sweet little friend, Gabe at whole foods!]

Then on Friday I through a huge birthday party for my wonderful husband, Robert who is now a mere 23 years old!
this year being his first birthday spent with me [last year he was out of town] I wanted to make it really special, so we had a Fiesta Potluck in our backyard. Oh it was so fun!

[wizard helped get the party together]

[margarita glasses, thanks to my sister Shannon]

[Ellis tradition decorations!]

The day before I gave robert a few of his birthday gifts [one being a flip video camera, so i'll be sure to post video's sometime!] and I also had to prepare margarita's to freeze over night and yummy enchiladas!

On Saturday we went to my parent's house for a fabulous meal and family birthday party! Robert got ton's of great gifts and he is so grateful to have a wonderful weekend, all about him! Thank you to both of our families!

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