Wednesday, March 17, 2010

home sweet home.

welcome to my home.
this post is devoted to my sweet little home in the historical district of East Nashville.

[new couch purchased this week: World Market]
[lovely trunk which doubles as a coffee table/ottoman]

[my reading nook- complete with a wonderful table/book holder that my sweet husband made out of an old window pane]

[Robert made me this adorable shelf last night for my fine China! I absolutely love it! We still need to stain it, but I could hardly wait to put it up!]

The following are some of my favorite Kitchen Decor:

[favorite kitchen item: Red Kitchen Aid Mixer! and some cookbooks- along with my own cookbook!]

[some wonderful wall decor]

[collection of old milk and soda bottles]

[Pritchard Wall of Polaroid Fame!]

[huge soy pomegranate candle in a wooden box, and some tea like candle holders I made]

[cute little kichen nook- i like collecting old chocolate tins as well!]

[mini bar]

[collection of old crystal decanters]

[sneak peak at our bed spread]

i love being home.
i love my home.


  1. Its Beautiful Hannah,hope to get down your way sometime in future!

  2. Beautiful! I am a little bit jealous of your life ;) It's a healthy jealous, though. Keep posting!

  3. tina: Oh please! and come stay with us!

    Natalie: i am happy you are in a "healthy way" jealous. I love posting, ill keep them coming!

  4. your home is adorable!!! definitely the kind of place i'd like to just relax in and read a good book.

  5. its the best. so peaceful. that was my mindset when we moved in! thanks