Monday, March 29, 2010

showers + louisville, ky.

Sunday morning I woke up and Robert helped me make some sweet little shortbreads for my lovely friend Christina's Bridal Shower. She is getting married in less then 2 months! It is so crazy! We are so happy for Christina and Byron!

Robert was so helpful with the cookies!

[all of Christina's Loot!]

[2 of the bridesmaids....]

[the beautiful bride and a maid of hers]

All of this happened yesterday, along with Robert's brilliant idea to spontaneously drive to Louisville, KY to buy a vintage brown propane stove for our bus! It's so petit and cute! It's a nice sunburst brown on the outside with a vintage blue inside. 3 burners, that's all i need on the bus! we made a fun trip out of it, and got to see good friends, and spend a lot of time in this amazing hotel! There was a art museum in it! what!?


[an interesting take on politics displayed through a crazy video]

[eyes in the bathroom!]

[loved this Dylan picture]

all of the art was amazing. i loved these people captured.

[robert really enjoying the art, ha!]

[out door art]

[tiny people! all made of electronic insides!]

[21c has their own pomegranate limo! what?]

All together this was a fabulous weekend! Now to prepare for easter!

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