Sunday, March 14, 2010

a bridal shower.

yesterday my 2 sisters and I threw a beautiful shower for our future sister-in-law.
may 15th, my baby brother who is only 19 is getting married!

[josh with our momma]

the shower was great. fully stocked with fresh hydrangeas, pink tissue "flower balls", incredible food made by everyone, great music, fabulous spring shower apparel, and lot's of tears [mainly from me...?]

my sweet Oma [grandmother] here with the Bride-to-be! Isn't she GLOWING?

the food was fabulous!!!

and the table was just beautiful [mainly because of my very creative sister, Carah]

and this is just a sweet picture i took of our dog wizard today. so adorable.

thats all for now. more bites later!

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  1. those cupcakes look so so so good! i want one; any left? also, the bride to be and your grandma look beautiful!